u use it when ur happy, usually repeated after one person says it
Are you Scandalous?
by Anonymous June 28, 2002
Top Definition
An interjection used for reacting with satisfaction to a situation or event. Similar to: Awesome, Righteous, Fantastic.
"You just won a free trip to Hawaii!"

by James February 27, 2005
hells yes!
if u like fish and grits, and all the pimp shit, then every body say o yayer!
by mel March 21, 2003
To be used by those looking to get away from the over usage of the commonly known phrase "yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" Which is only to be used strictly by rednecks and 12 year old little kids. Or anyone who has ever watched chappelle's show.
1.Q. Whaaaaat?
A. Yayer!

2.Q. Are you going to bang that chick later?
A. Yayer.
by Azplayerlife.com September 28, 2005
A person from the bay area, ca
A shortened form of yay area.
"im a yay'er and dis how we do in the bay."
"Its back to the yay'er."
by hellacooltees July 22, 2007
A word used in excitement for a certain situation.
Such as: dope, sick, sweet, or hell yeah
by VaccaStudd13 July 21, 2011
Someone that likes/uses/is addicted to, crack.
Rico: Eh cabron, you know pedro's a yayer right?

Cabron: Yeah man, I saw him snort some off this hookers ass last week.
by Rico Cabron March 26, 2009
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