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Truck driver that drives the truck that only moves trailers from spot to dock.
Wheres that yard dog with trailer 843 we gotta load it before eight.
by BigDi July 13, 2010
Boobs or "tits" that are so saggy as to appear to be "running all over the yard" of the carrier. The boob is not stagnant or perky.
Yo man, those yard dogs are running wild
by bagelbumpin4eva September 13, 2010
A US deep south term for an alligator. Usually used in the Cajun dialect.

Sometimes also: Louisiana yard dog
Be careful, there's a yard dog settled up down on the bank.
by Crystal Ambrose May 12, 2006
Another word for squirrels at the US Naval Academy (instead of prairie dogs). Rumor has it, if a plebe catches a yard dog, plebe year ends for the entire class.
Plebe: There's a yard dog! Let's go get it!
by chk chk chk November 25, 2007
Verb: To bone a chick outside, preferably in a friend's front lawn.
After she blew Q-Town on the side of the house, Schreindogg yard dogged the shit of her right there by that tree. I guess thats how he got his nickname.
by Q Town June 26, 2007
A boring, typical, or run-of-the-mill person, especially a women.
She's just some yard dog.
by Big Steve September 10, 2003
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