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sacred word of the pirate people
Christopher Colombus: "Yar! I fell off the cliff!"
Servant: "Ur a pirate?!":|
by Lusterveil April 14, 2004
sleek, fast, impressive, desirable
Dexter: Yes, yes. She was quite a boat, the True Love, wasn't she?
Tracy: Was, and is.
Dexter: My, she was yar.
- Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story
by Jazz March 12, 2004
Nearly rhetorical affirmative response to someone else's observation. Often muttered by pirates.
Passerby: Thee's a steering wheel sticking out of your pants!

Pirate: Yar, it's driving me nuts...
by Looger March 09, 2004
in Hindi, "Yaar" is a slang (i think,
or it might be an actual word, i don't
rilly know hindi that well...) used
familiarly or affectionately, even when
speaking in english - it more or less means "friend".
buddy#1: hey! good to see you !
buddy#2: how have you been yaar ?!
by Vin September 09, 2004
An exclamaition of agreement (and also used as a random exlamaition) often used by "pirates," but since pirates have now become "illegal downloaders of software/music" and those "pirates" tend to be teenagers, "yar!" is basically an exclamaition of agreement (and also used as a random exlamaition)often used by teenagers.
Bob: Yar! This song I just downloaded is uncensored!
Lara: Yar!
by the sane maniac February 02, 2004
a snide contraction meaning "you are."
You think you aren't pissing me off, but y'ar.
by JeffDB September 04, 2006
Yars is an expression used when one is in an elated state. The word is a combination of "Yeah" and "Rawr". When used properly, Yars can induce mass gratification to those who hear it. It creates pure happiness.
Billy and I had the best date ever!! I've never had so much fun in my life. Yars!!
by kleither August 28, 2010