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Banging someone with your yang.
Guy #1: WOW! Look at that hot chick over there.
Guy #2: I would so yangbang her
by coolgai42foru June 01, 2009
being fucked by paul yang's two-incher while wearing a hello kitty costume watching dragon ball z; whip cream frosting and double dipping; cleaning the pan with crunk juice; orgy sex with men and their two-inch cocks in pochaco, keroopi & blue bear costumes
Paul: hey what you wanna do tonight

Man#2: Are you thinking what I'm thinking

Paul: Remember when Freeza was gonna rip ass on goku

Man#2: do you like sanrio

Paul: letz yang bang that ho-bag next door

Man#2: you have a tiny penis

(enough said)

by Paul Yang May 07, 2008
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