Term used as greeting, enquiry after health, affirmation and farewell. Most common usage is found in South-East England.
For the purpose of coherance, a translation has been provided:

Person A: Yallright? (Greeting)
Person B: Yallright. (Greeting)
Person A: Yallright? (enquiry after health)
Person B: Yallright. (affirmation)

(Awkward silence)
Person B: Yallright! (farewell)
by Sivvus January 27, 2010
Top Definition
1. Expression used to avoid an awkward moment or awkward conversation.

2. Abrupt expression used stop someone from disclosing too much information.
A: "Hey, what did you do last night?"
B: "Oh, I stayed home. I'm sick"
A: "Really? I thought I saw you at the bar with some creepy ol---"
by applesapples June 15, 2009
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