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A shit hole club/bar in shepparton, it is such a hole that you literally have to walk down flight of stairs to get in, then once you're in all there is to do is to get drunk off drinks you pay 3 times what they're worth, then to finish off the night you go into the sticky dance floor and try to pick up and fuck one of the drunk sluts grinding on anything with a heartbeat.
Male 1 - "hey man want to go down to yazzy this Friday?"

Male 2 - "Yahoo bar? and what? Pay triple the price for drinks, and try to fuck some slut, who turns out to have a psycho ex who will then try to kick our heads in?"

Male 1 - "fuck yeah! SHEPPRESENT!!!"

Male 2 - "fuck it, it's either that, or the lake"
by Shep town boi February 01, 2014
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