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a member of the Yackawayan Club. only those appointed by the Yackawayan King can join. each new member receives a special job title essential to the survival of the clan. if can find the King, you are probably already a member of this club.
Yackawayan Assasin1: "The King and Queen will be at the party tonight."
Yackawayan Assasin2: "I'll bring my rifles and the Red Bull."
Yackawayan Healer: "And I'll bring the medkit."
by The U^d3rtak3r November 30, 2006
the plural of yackawayan.
Potential Member: "Look, there go a group of yackawayans!"
Yackawayan Assasin1: (uses badass sword to cut down pussy)
Potential Member: (death girgles, dies like the other pussy)
by The U^d3rtak3r November 30, 2006
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