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a phrase used by only the most badass of men to incite raw strength and fortitude. it is used in times of great struggle to invoke motivation, or as a battle-cry to make enemies cower. it is said that only badass men are capable of using the phrase; this is because if a male without the proper testicular fortitude so much as utters the phrase, his dick will fall off, making him not a man by definition. furthermore, if a woman uses the phrase with enough gusto, she will actually sprout a penis, making her a badass man- a man with tits.
Badass #1: "Dude, I don't know if I can do another cock pushup! I dont have the strength!"

Badass #2: "Use the force!!'

Badass #1: "YA MULE!!! YAA!!!" **penis extends another foot** "Oh there we go"
by velthebadass July 02, 2012
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