-An ex, but more so, an unreasonable one that was a total mess in numerous aspects of their life and the "relationship".

-An impossible person who was mentally off, hostile, toxic, and with numerous baggage.
There goes Daizy, she's my xmess/x-mess. I tried to make it work, but she had massive issues with trust, communication, empathy, her childhood, intimacy, guys, & people in general. A grumpy & hateful Negative Nicole my xmess/x-mess was. Rude, uncaring, assuming, unbending, self-centered, & delusional. It was a relief when the mess with my x ended, she's such an xmess/x-mess. If anything I feel bad for my xmess/x-mess, and hope the poor girl gets the help she needs.
by King Kuba September 18, 2012

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