Hard core, awsome, baaadasss to the max.
If u think someone does something cool or says something or looks cool you can say there Xcore!!! with enthusiasm and you will be the coolest fish in the sea. Trust me i would know.
by Majdob October 23, 2007
1. Hardcore

2. Awesome

3. Very cool

4. To a high extent

For example:
1. That is the most x-core guitar ever!

2. His drum playing was x-core.

3. "I bought a new 'vette!"
"X-core! X-core!"

4. I love his hair, like, x-core to the max.
by Eccentrica Gallumbits May 05, 2006
The same as raw , hardcore, and thrashcore.
Malibu Rum is so X core.
by Jim Baker August 05, 2006
A suffix used to emphasise the extreme properties of just about any adjective, noun, verb, or even meaningless words.( or something totally EXTREME)
Adam is Xcore (Adam is really really really really really really really GAY!)
by Dj Big Richard October 18, 2006
A person/group of people who add the suffix "Xcore" to show how cool they are. Most of the people who say xcore are known as scene, slang for homosexual.
MAH NAME IZ ZACHXCORE!!111oneone!!!111!!11!1!1!! I LIEK 2 GET BUTT RAEPD!!!!11!eleven WTF
by duncanisnotXcore July 14, 2006
word used to confuse the hell out of people who like to type out whole words and say "hey thats awesome"
you: OMG OMG I LIKE AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BAND. *insert band name here*XCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneone!!!!!111
by erika December 20, 2004
x Core means, an emo, who is Clean and by that i mean :
no cutting
no smoking
no drugs
no alcohol
ect... you get the idea
I'm So X core...I shit razor blades and piss blood?
by Emo-Shnizz August 16, 2006

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