Stupidest chat site in the whole world. and a bunch of fake people get on there . the realest people on there are the "toons". as they call us.
GTFO Toon!

man im realer than you! this only xat!
by anynomousguyy July 26, 2009
Top Definition
A website where pretty much anyone can make chatboxes, which can be embedded in websites, like irc. Unlike IRC, however, they are known for having a community full of annoying kids, trolls, and being run by Admins who would rather make useless powers then make a proper mobile client.

Also has an annoying LinkValidator, which is supposed to prevent phishing yet blocks too many links in chats.
Average XAT user:
"Dude ur chat sux lulul"

"I need powerz plz"
by Oh Hai mark November 03, 2011
To have or experience a prolapsing of an orofice, usually the anus.
I xatted yesterday.

Yesterday your mom xatted in the kitchen and it went all over our dinner.

I was xatted with the candlestick in the dining room.

I was xatted with the pool cue in the billiard room.
by XATMaster August 16, 2004
A site where users compete to buy features that other chat services provide for free.
I do not associate myself with anyone on Xat whose name does not glow.
by ApocrphyphalBard March 25, 2012
Similar to drugs. Used when your friend gets addicted to something uber-awesome.
1. David sure does go on that chat site often. I think it's his new xat.

2. I just bought a new System of a Down CD. They're like my xat.
by ACKirbachu June 11, 2010
The worst website ever. It is full of fake fags who are afraid of their real selves.
1) Dude 1: I got a xat finally
Dude 2: That's for fags.
Dude 1: You had one before
Dude2: Before I realized how gay it was
by TheLostMarine November 02, 2010
A online chatting website.
Person 1: Cookie get on xat right now!!!111111
Person 2: Tiff gah I'm coming, which chat? ;/
by cookieeeeeeee July 07, 2012
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