hackers use this as short form for the commonly used phrase:

what you see is a young goat
for example, i might be hacking away, and another hacker might come by and say what you see is a young goat

then we both laugh and count our money
by att0m May 10, 2004
Top Definition
What You See Is All You Get

Derived from 'wysiwyg' - 'What You See Is What You Get'.

Used for internet sales, it states only what you see is what will be delivered, thereby killing assumptions on cases for CD's, batteries for toys, or all 32 chessmen if only the white pieces are displayed.

Alternatively, it is often used in bars or on a street corner when considering the potential worth of a person, (material or spiritual).
'Hey, check the bling on that dawg. They must have it made!'
'Nah - wysiayg' <Nope, all their worth, material and spiritual, is present in their visage.>
by Laric May 09, 2004
what you see is all you get
woman says to man to seduce him, probably a one night stand
by Homie G May 10, 2004
a typo of wysiwyg
computer geek: well I meant to say that the HTML composer was wysiwyg but accidentally typed wysiayg
normal person: "WTF? LOLOLOLZ!"
by computer geek May 09, 2004
One assumes this is the slightly retarded way of saying wysiwyg, that is, "what you see is what/all you get".
You can look a twat trying to prounounce wysiayg...
by Luke May 10, 2004
What You See Is All You Get.
Person1:Hey, if we bid for the supermodel...
person2:Nah, it's wysiayg.
by Agent Smith May 09, 2004
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