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-One who is adept at overposting, called trolling/flaming at times.
-Name of one in the Zimbabwe tribes as a punishment for wanting a specific and important title, known by those people as a tital.
-Name of one who loves to say the german word, über, or very cool or neat.
-Name of one who was a big MMORPG player, but became frustrated with the large comanies that changed those games (as ESRB states), such as Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).
wutehf: gimme tital plz
Terribliz: me too. lol. i am a rainbow.
Gahr: No, you must earn one.
Thoth: Request denied.
Erou: my brain cells are leaking out.
Pisqon: How about something like, "I MAKE TOO MANY STUPID FUCKING THREADS."
Fjreisat: How come I haven't earned a title? :( Been here since day 1.
wutehf: I could be WoW hater in days to come
Thoth: That might do it. :) :)
by a Meatlump king October 15, 2006

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