1. wurfer to surfer as poseur is to skater

2. Try as he or she might, they cannot accomplish catching any waves.

3. Only wants to be a surfer for show.

surfer "dude, you're a wurfer,"
wurfer "no way doooood, you're just jealous of my totally radical skills."
surfer "no way man, you got ur facts bent."
wurfer "yeah? well..."
*runs away*

...to be continued
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company March 11, 2006
Top Definition
A wurfer is a person that either inherits or buys something old and cool cheap, that has no intrest in what it is,the items history or its story, and is only interested in what the items monetary value is, especially common in the retro/classic stereo equipment community. A Wurfer is also usually a person of low intelligence that can't use proper English either, and talks in slang or Ebonics.
Joe is a Wurfer, he inherits a vintage console stereo and talks to his friend. "Yo dawg I jus dun got dis old sterio, what u think its wurf"
Billy the Wurfer buys a old fisher tube stereo at a garage sale for $5 and thinks "yo bet dis is wurf a bunch of money" then posts about it online in stereo groups asking about its value, but never plugs it in and gives it a chance, because he thinks his iPod is better
by Stereorobb September 17, 2015
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