A sound made by hardcore kids during lulls in conversation about girl pants and tight shirts and the scene.
Marco: Yeah, then we went to The Blood Brothers show and it was pretty good. Yeah...
Yevgeny: Wuah.
by 6:47 AM May 31, 2005
Top Definition
A sudden outburst or exclamation to seeing a really fat bitch or a ugly bitch, when expecting something else.
WU-AH! damn thats one of those bitches who looks good from a far but far from good!
by this is going to be legen-dary March 29, 2009
The Word A Couple Uses When Seeing Or Hearing Somethinq Disgusting .
Josh Said , "Crystal , Look At Your Fat Concha . Wuah Wuah"

Crystal Said , "Wuah Wuah" After Josh Burped Loudly .
by JoshCrystal January 26, 2011
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