a violent exclamation or question that indicates a disregard for the abbreviation wtf at the same time
wtfuck are you talking about?
by jash November 09, 2006
Top Definition
Partially extended version of wtf created as an answer to What the F?. Leaves in the part everyone expects you to censor.
Person 1: Adam says he broke your TV
Person 2: Wt fuck?! I'ma break his face!
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
A verbal take on the classic 'net slang "wtf". Sounds classier when spoken aloud and less like you're a thirteen-year-old girl.
"Okay, who left their used condoms in the pit? WTFuck!"
by TG January 02, 2005
Extended abbreviation of the word wtf and what the fuck
Hey Sam you eat ass?
Of course I do.
by Anand1738 January 12, 2016
the same as WTF but you say fuck to piss off the people that actually use WTF in conversation.
loser: "oh man my mom grounded me, WTF"
me: "yeah wtfuck, that sucks"
loser: *gets offended*
me: *I'm hilarious*
by Dav RK November 12, 2005
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