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when one is pleasuring them selves to multiple images/videos on the internet... as they approach their climax feel a heightened crave to search for a better or more appealing image/video to their liking and end up reaching their climax to an image/video that it's unbearably reasonable to understand how they just ejaculated on their hand/computer/towel/paper towel/carpet/ceiling to an image/video they got caught watching while clicking and pointing in a fanatic hysteria of indulgence
you or someone you know is checking out some great porn... you click on another thumbnail of a related porn because they are tagged similarly and before you know it after a few more points and clicks you get a video of something that is nothing like the thumbnail image displayed and are wrong-cumfully abused to something you would normally make a sour face at.
by BrainAssembler November 23, 2010