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Originally derived from the greek word wrendalisis meaning shitty soccer player. Slang terms include :"new booty" and "bitchin." Wrendy has taken on a new role in the 21st century and has grown to occupy a vast role in the western canon. Today those who are referred to as a "wrendy" are considered to be shitty soccer players and also those who have brothers who wear gay-ass multicolored polos. As a secondary definition, "wrendy" can also allude to a person who is an expert in fallic issues.
Person 1: Dude you pulled a wrendy last game
Person 2: I know, my ass was really accentated in those shorts
Person 1: NO!!!! I was talking about ur shitty soccer preformance and your expertise in the field of fallic issues
by Ryan West May 02, 2007
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