Wouter - pronouncation - whoa! - turr.

Wouter is a little young boy with a big imagination. His name is actually based on " Jean Paul "Gaultier" " a superawesome Frenchman. He likes touching girls' hair if it is thick and shiny. He only talks in memestyle with people who he thinks are cool.

Wouter can be a little bit racist too.
Dude, check out Wouter, he's touching her hair again.

Yo Gaultier! Whatsup!
by Zombibi Sonya January 10, 2012
Somebody who performs oral-sex to teachers in trade for good results
A: "Look that guy over there, he's got an 9,5 for his biology test"
B: "He's such a Wouter!"
by LyzaaX February 14, 2009
Wouter is often used as a term of endearment between close friends in Slovinia. Often taken to mean intelegent or calculating its uses range from sexualy attractive to Condicending.
Damn, your a wouter man.

Shit, he was such a wouter to me.
by Transavial September 13, 2005
gayboy, faggot.
attracted to the same sex, mostly male on male relationships.
wouter means also you're a fucking n00b. and that you're like n00b forever.
only to be used if you realy hate the guy who you wanne call wouter.
omfg you're so wouter
by willem March 15, 2005
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