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n. What you typically find on the driveway or sidewalk after a prolonged rainy period followed by sunshine - earthworms that washed up from the ground during the rain, only to stiffly dehydrate in the sun.
Ew, don't step on that worm jerky - I hate hearing it crunch underfoot.
by Shannon L-B April 14, 2008
Where you put you and your gay partners erected penis together in each side of a chinese finger trap and masturbate vigorously until the warm cum diludes the paper trap and frees you and your partners penis.
Me and Jack tried Worm Jerky last Friday night.
by JacksGay911 November 11, 2013
n. worms that wash up from the ground during rainstorms and helplessly dehydrate in the sun afterward into a hard squiggle.
"Ew, don't step on that worm jerky - it crunches underfoot in such an unsettling manner."
by Shannon L-B April 18, 2008
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