Possibly one of the greatest MMORPG's to be released. Very casual-gamer friendly, and a great community. Each class has different attirbutes:

-Rogues may stealth and deal massive damage from close range. Cloth/Leather-wearer

-Mages are a high burst-damage dealer from far away with good crowd control abilities. Cloth wearer

-Warriors are a staple class available to any and all races. Able to take massive damage and draw enemy aggro to them. All types of armour and all weapons can be used by the Warrior.

-Priests are primary healers and can ALWAYS get a group. By specing in the Shadow talent tree they become excellent damage dealers but are very fragile. Cloth-wearer

-Paladins area hybrid Alliance-only class combining elements of the Warrior and a weak Priest. They are popularly supposed to have 3 lives due to their many Shield spells. They get a free mount but have higher training costs than other classes. Can wear all types of armour.

-Shamen are the Horde's hybrid class with more of a focus on spell-casting than melee damage. Many see them as overpowered, as they can melee and cast well, as well as heal. Uses totems to boost their power and support groups. Cloth/Leather/Mail-wearer.

-Hunters are the only class with an auto-shoot feature, relying on their special abilities, utilised through their ranged weapons, to win the fight. They also get pets (a tamed Beast-class mob) and traps (Freezing, Immolation and Explosion). They are able to kite the enemy very effectively. Cloth/Leather/Mail wearers.

-Warlocks are the 'evil' spell-casters of the Warcraft world, able to summon demons to help them in combat - a good thing as they are very fragile. Unlike the Mage, 'Locks rely on damage over time spells (DoTs) to help them win fights, and thanks to talents very rarely run out of mana. Their pets range from the Imp (a glass cannon), to the Voidwalker (able to take and maintain aggro) to the Infernal (of WCIII fame). They get a free mount but training costs are higher. Cloth wearers.

-Druids are only available to 2 races; Tauren and Night Elves. Communing with nature, the Druids are able to change their shape to suit their situation. They gain a Bear form (later Dire Bear) to tank in, a Cat form to deal damage and stealth, an Aquatic form to breathe underwater and move faster, and a Travel Form allowing a 40% speed increase. Cloth/Leather wearers.
Rogues are master gankers! Half the player base has at least 1 Rogue character!
by Scorch May 11, 2005
alright enough of all this bullshit. your all crazy. WoW is addictive yes, but you guys who are like "oh its for fas with no life" are being hippocritical because YOUR the one with no life, because you actually took the time to look all of this up, and post on your phonie bolognie assed shit! alright? im not going to give that "oh im a WoW player, but i still have a life" crap. I play the game a lot, and im not failing all of my courses, im not doing as good as i could be, but that is not necessarily cause of WoW

"oh your a looser cause you play world of warcraft"
"really? your the one who took the time out of your day to say that to me, you fool"
by Jordanmandudeguy December 31, 2006
A second job you pay for.
Normal Person: Hey man, I'm going to go apply for a job and hopefully raise enough money to go on a date with my girlfriend. Need anything while I'm out?

World of Warcraft Addict: Yeah, pick up some more hot pockets and mountain dew. I need some fuel for this raid I'm about to go on.

Normal Person: Will do. By the way, are you SURE you don't want to come with? I'll put in a good word for you. Maybe we could work together.

WoW Addict: Not now, I'm buffing my party members.

Normal Person: Alright... how about that jog I was planning for next week? Want to join me?

WoW Addict: What was that? Sorry, I really gotta focus here.

Normal Person: I'll just head out then...

*normal person steps out, leaving the WoW addict in the dark. alone.*
by SUPER MECHA CHRIST 2.0 BETA August 31, 2009
An incredibly addictive game which sucks you in, consumes your soul, and becomes your life. You play as Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Draenei, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Undead and Blood Elves as you are vexed by its unbelievable addiction power. The side effect of this is that you will forget all about the outside world for roughly 43 years, be isolated from your friends (your so-called "friends" will abandon you to have a good life), and you will not notice as people walk in your house taking away the couch and television as you click away at the mouse.
Guy-"Hey, Jason! Let's play basketball!"
Jason (staring at screen)-"..."
Guy-"Uh... Jason?"
Jason (continuing to stare at screen)-"..."
Guy (stern)-"Are you playing World of Warcraft again?"
Jason (does not move as neighbors walk in and take away his television and couch)-"..."
by cocoanutv May 03, 2009
World of Warcraft is a dangerously addictive drug, possibly more addictive than nicotine. It alters your senses and your view of reality to the point where you no longer care about real life, not even enough to seek help. Infact, it makes you think you are someone else entirely. Like all drugs, World of Warcraft (know as WoW amongst dealers and users) is used in secret and abusers will never tell anyone they use it, except other users.
The plus side to 'WoW' is, although it is increbibly addictive and dangerous for your health....it will give you the longest, most epically enjoyable trip you will ever experience.
Bob: It's been a hard day at the office...I can't wait to unwind, enjoy a nice bath, eat some hot food and take some World of Warcraft!
by thehitcher03 April 08, 2009
A pretty cool game that's gotten a bad rap because some r-tards say that WoW ruined their life. It's not an addiction if you can manage without it. Just playing all the time doesn't make it an addiction. Like football, but no one says that's an addiction.
Fatass who gets media attention: World of Warcraft made meh phat!

Normal player who doesn't: Hell yeah I play WoW! It's a pretty cool game.

Heavy player: I play WoW around 4 hours a day, but I still have a job and RL friends.
by Twentilla, Lord of Awesome August 01, 2008
To learn addiction, to lose the meaning of life, gives you an anti-tan, the 10 day trial is a scam (it turns into at least a 10 month addiction)...
"Who needs a Ring of Marriage when you got Ring of Lethality"

"Wifes can be like rogues, go behind your back and screw other people"

"If only life was as simple as World of Warcraft, Example: Wife tells you she's pregnant , *POPS VANISH*
by Blah Blah Blah Jesse March 19, 2008
A game developed by Blizzard entertainment. Contrary to popular belief, it is not that addictive. Unless you are very shy or you have LOTS of time to kill and spend most of it playing World of Warcraft. AND IT DOESN'T CAUSE FATNESS, ACNE AND STUFF LIKE THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU PLAY IT.
(If you are a WoW player, im sure most of the posts here insulting WoW and its players ate CoD: MW2 fan boys. ignore them.) Again, unlike popular belief, many WoW players have a wife, family, friends, in good fitness, and jobs. Its just that fanboys of other games probably just want to make fun of something because they are bored, or like insulting people who have a real life. Unlike them.
A friend of mine in my guild became a parent 2 months ago, and even sent us pictures of the baby. Most people only play WoW during their free time.

WoW player: Dude. Seriously. WTF.
most WoW players do have a life, you know. I only play this game during my freetime, while im not working as a paramedic. Me and my wife currently do lead a happy life, and she is 4 months pregnant with our first baby.


WoW player: You know what? Im tired of trying to show fanboys how WoW players actually have a life. See ya.
by red525 November 18, 2010
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