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most of you are showing the RICHEST rappers or most successful. the greatest that i know are

Sick Sick (the greatest freestyling ever and also very witty)

Mike Skinner (sheer poetry mixed with comedy)

Eminem (very talented but unfortunately has become too commercialised)

Beastie Boys (revolutionised rap/hip-hop)

Phi Life Cypher (a very rare denomination of The Gorillaz)

Wu-Tang Clan (commercialised the rap industry)

Grand Master Flash (created the "rap" genre of music)
"Lesson one: linguistics...alright, your rhymes are quite tight but hold no characteristics

Lesson two: true you do have a clue but you were too busy biggin' yourself to pull through, to battle is to put me on the spot, rather than lie to try to make yourself look hot.

Lesson three: i hide behind a smile, because I see that you are on trial, 'cause i've been rapping for a while, rather than since 8 mile.

Lesson four: sure, you want to rap but what for? You obviously can't so you should hit the door, you want to rap because your black but are becomming a whore, and any racial shit you wana spit, i'm on toppa ya, you were always a white-boy until black became popular"

A freestyle before a battle rap from Sick Sick. He then went on to easily win the competition after most of the other contestants dropped out
by hip-hop fan November 28, 2004
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