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1. The act of pretending to work while at work. 2. Any and all actions conducted at work to get out of actually working.
Dude 1: Quit surfing porn at work and finish the spreadsheets!

Dude 2: I'm not!

Dude 1: You have been workingoff for the past two weeks!
by sad reality man August 03, 2009
23 5
whacking or jerking off to the point of aerobic exercise.
I'm all sweaty because I just spent an hour working off.
by DRDMH January 13, 2009
24 7
When you do work just to satisfy yourself.
"Hey Tim, what are you doing on this incredible, beautiful Saturday morning?"
"Oh, I'll be working off. I love to work!"
by B Talented May 01, 2009
27 16
The act of jacking off at your place of work.
Hey Steve, will you cover me for a minute? I have to go work off real quick.

I'll be out in a minute. I'm working off.
by Timetopartyatwork! April 17, 2011
11 2
Combination the the terms jerking off and working out to describe the act of using a Shake Weight to exercise
Bob Prefers Working Off alone in his room to avoid judgement from his family
by Gentleneal January 23, 2011
2 3