the ability to move one's pelvis with ease and perfection; sexual ability; having the ability to move the hips with rhythmic perfection in a sensuous way.
He likes strippers because they can work the middle.
by wheat January 29, 2007
Top Definition
1) to have sexual intercourse
He can't work the middle like I can.
by what you know August 10, 2005
To orally or manually stimulate the clitoris. This is inspired by the anatomy of the vagina as the clitoris is nicely situated between the labia, or in the middle of the labia. Hence the phrase.. " work the middle". We have American pop artist "Allyah" to thank for this public service announcement/song that brought so much awareness to often forgotten and ignored lady parts. The phrase was originally coined in Allyahs hit song " Rock the Boat".
Baby, work the middle so i can cum quicker.
by JizzyJG May 14, 2016
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