Words. More than one word.
" I coodnt understand none uff da wordles that was comin out of his mouf "
by N April 03, 2004
Top Definition
A fun text game in which the player is supposed to spell words as fast as possible to earn the highest score. The high score is often reserved for great players with a large vocabulary.
Janice: Oh man Ken, you're so good at wordle! I wish I had your vocabulary.
by natrulbornkilla69 August 09, 2009
a wordle is a stupid website that never works when you want it to, but everybody else manages to use it fine.

apparently you can type in a paragraph and it will choose the most important words and make a picture* out of it.

oh yer, and its run by somone sarcastic.
* a random jumble of words that doesnt make sence but all the teachers at school love it. thats a wordle.
by someone annoyed July 08, 2012
To beckon the anus, preferably with your index finger.
She/He really got me in the mood by giving me a gentle wordle.
by mmgg December 07, 2010
same as word as in an exclaimation of amazement/any other feeling
We needs some beotches,wordle.
by al man May 29, 2003
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