Word Up

1. A greeting.

2. Another way to say, Yeah! or Damn Right!

3. A song by the band Cameo. The song came out in 1986.

4. A cover by Korn of the song previously mentioned.
1. Hey, Word up man?

2. Word up!

3. Word up! Everybody say, we're about to go down and you know just what to do.

4. Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care.
by Xwashere July 31, 2006
Means thats cool. Or right on
Some dude: Man I totally just boned that hot chick from da club
You: Wordup Homie G
by Ox-7sin_slut-xO June 20, 2006
In Australia: to inform or explain.
I'll word up Dave about the party when I see him later.

She doesn't believe me - how about you word her up?
by Harlster April 21, 2008
The foremost "Cameo" track
C'mon baby, tell me what's the word: word up!
by JerBearWithPie April 22, 2004
when used in a questioning manner, it means "oh yeah?", "is that right?", or "so what you're saying is true?"
"Damn, I just found out that my girlfriend is pregnant."

"Oh shit, word up son?"
by m-t-a July 01, 2006
A greeting that's also a question! - mainly informal, used as an all in one 'hey, how you doing, hows things, whats going on'
"Word up homes, everything cool?"

or just even

Person A) "word up?"

Person B) "yeh all cool dawg"
by volatile acid December 21, 2005
a club in greenock near big tescos
goin' ae word up aemorra?
by rambo1000000 March 27, 2007
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