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Is usually something that is yelled out of a car at people walking. It is used to express ones desire to see another 'wop a dog up themselves'. It may occasionally be yelled after or during a good, hot chozz wozzlin. (see "a2-wozzle").

Some may intend it as an insult, but the original meaning was derived from early Australian convicts as a victory call.
As the mans baby was born safe and sound, the man whispered to his wife "wop a dog up ya, he's a healthy baby boy". - (congratulatory use)

The man stood to say some words at his fathers funeral, "Dad woulda wopped a dog up all ya". - (respectful use)

The car slowed down near the girls walking home from the club, the young man threw a chocolate thick shake at them from the car and shouted "WOP A FUCKING DOG UP YAS" - (insulting use)
by Spydabytes September 09, 2010
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