to kick someone's ass
yo keep talkin shit deww forreal u gonna get yo ass wooped
by stankassniggas50 September 28, 2010
Something to be Shooped.
Shoop da Woop, Im'ma chargin' mah lazer!
by ThisNameIsTaken August 09, 2008
a sound that can express your feelings no matter how or what you feel.
by madersx66 December 18, 2008
an improvement of WOOT, firstly invented by lodge. Used when something is joyous or happy.
"i must give you a pat on the back" :P
by vix and lodge August 04, 2006
the smartest and prettiest person ever
she is a woop
by tigergirl101 December 13, 2010
The sound you make immediately after making loud obnoxious noises such like screeching, screaming, and yells.
by The Chia Pet October 17, 2010
the word used by thewinecone
in one of his vids of which he wants to make popular
woop woop i scored a....

woop i'm spreading woop

woop woop i'm random
by tehblackalbino September 21, 2008

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