Woogly :a step down from ugly uglyer than ugly
That girl is woogly{wow thats ugly}
by CREGG W CALHOUN December 03, 2005
Top Definition
The eyes of a person who is tripping out.
Dude, they're all woogly. He must be trippin.
by AtownLawyer January 28, 2011
the overall emotional feeling and state of being when one person has 'googly eyes' for another
I can't help it! He makes me feel all woogly inside!
by jazzyfizz July 27, 2010
Using ethereal sounds to the point of tweeness. Applied to ambient music and other spacey sounding things when they're especially obnoxious
"What's that noise?"

"Just more of Emily's woogly shit"
by kingcompost May 01, 2010
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