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A Wonderwall wanker is a person who typically claims to be an Oasis-fan but in reality only knows their one hit: Wonderwall.

A Wonderwall wanker can typically be seen at parties strumming away the same 4 fucking chords because it's the only fucking chords he knows.

A Wonderwall wanker often claims to be musically educated and knowledgable about music history and claims to like a lot of rockbands which he most likely never listened to: Nirvana, Oasis, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Metallica, etc. but the sad truth is that he only knows hit-songs and probably listens to R&B when he is on his own and doesn't have to pretend to be a rockstar.

They look and dress extremely mainstream because the only reason they make an efford to learn 3 or 4 chords is to get laid. They know that only a select few girls like long hair and leather so they stick to what's in at the moment. Sometimes they can be seen wearing band merchandise but if you ask them about the first album of the band on their shirt they probably won't be able to answer you.
"Can you play a great song?"
"Sure! Let me play Wonderwall again!"

What a wonderwall wanker!
by WinstonBeWise November 20, 2013

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