Won't - Will Not
We won't go to the party tonight.

I will not/won't be a grammar nazi.
by Norways March 26, 2013
Top Definition
A slang term used extensively in the Richmond-Petersburg (804), VA region. It means in this context "was not", not "will not".
person 1: "You been talkin shit bout me, shaw?"
person 2: "Nah yo, I won't da one talkin shit bout you."
person 1: "See, I KNEW I won't gone be able to make it thru the day without drama."
by 804head October 05, 2009
When she won't let you touch her cans at 2nd base, they now are officially called her wont's.

Technically, they may also be called her cannots.
She had a fantastic set of cans, but since they were for seeing only and not touching, he referred to them thereafter as her wont's.

Bobby, who was more Biblical in his understanding, understood the forbidden nature of an upright female's cans and referred to them as her thou-shall-nots.
by Wyatt Junker January 06, 2012
was not
I won't bout to call you again, you ain't never answer the phone!
by B$Money June 17, 2009
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