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A Wombat nuzzler is a breed of moonbat, with a distinctive combination of ecofascism, buddhism, anti-Semitism, dhimmitude, and psuedoscience. Unlike the common moonbat, who usually expresses one of these traits at a time, the wombat nuzzler displays all these qualities simultaneously when threatened.
I was out on a date with this hot girl. We were eating cooscoos, then a car back-fired or something. She suddenly began screaming, saying,"And Buddha-love-no-think-non-mind will kill the bushitler-sympathizer crypto-Jew Bill Gates if his nazi SUVs keep killing Palestinian bushbabies in the BIGGEST INFANTICDAL HOLOCAUST SINCE THE 2000 ELECTION!" Why do I keep dating crazy fucking wombat nuzzlers?
by pookleblinky November 29, 2004
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