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a predatory, usually 30 something female, born to breed and desperate for a(nother) child; an estrogenic timebomb.
don't go there man, she's got that air of desperation about her - a right womberang in waiting.
by mortyOz July 13, 2009
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Pronounced womb-erang (like boomerang)

One of your baby-mama's that you just can't get rid of. You thrown her away as hard as you can but she just keeps coming back for more.
"I told my womb-erang to get lost so she should be back in twenty minutes."

"I got 12 kids from my womb-erang in new york, she just can't get enough."
by moikavich December 30, 2008
An ex girlfriend with a habbit of hanging around. You keep chucking her but she keeps coming back! Pronounced womb-errang
You dump your missus, but she keeps coming back for bonus sex - womberang
by Gruffmeistet February 25, 2010

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