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woom lot-oh (n.) the random process by which a child is born to a certain set of parents
Nobody can choose his or her parents. The randomness of one’s parentage can be likened to a lottery. Those who are born into wealthy families are said to have won the womb lotto. However, there are dissenting views surrounding the origins of poverty that would like to lessen the importance of this randomness. Those born into privileged families are often less aware of this phenomenon, and are more prone to assert that their personal achievements, rather than factors beyond their control, are what have garnered them their wealth.
Politician: "I'm a hard working common man, and I know what it's like to pull myself up by my bootstraps."

Heckler:"Man, you just won the womb lotto and you've been eating off a silver spoon ever since!"
by cyberstormer January 20, 2012

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