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a white person that tries to act like a cholo
similar to wanksta or wankster
white guy: dude check it out im leanin like a cholo!
cholo: stupid wolo shut up before i pop a cap in yo ass
by MBROYO August 25, 2007
63 17
WE only live once. A play on the drake's motto YOLO--you only live once. Gives any group of people an excuse to start acting wild, crazy, and stupid.
Yooooooo, Let's all steal this cop car.. come on.. WOLO!

HELL YEAH! lets do it
by woloman March 07, 2012
12 7
plural of yolo stands for WE ONLY LIVE ONCE
hey man lets jump out of this plane...WOLO
by wolo guy February 20, 2012
12 9
Invented by the youth of today, 'wolo!' is a term for rejocement, and is said in the same way as the word 'woo!'
FRED: "O My God! We've Won A Huge Teddy Bear Full Of Chocolate Smee Dolls!!! WOOOLOOOLOOOOOLOOOOOO!!!!"
by mrtim June 03, 2004
7 36