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The perils of improper wiping. The result feels like a wolf took a bite out of your ass and left a few teeth behind.
There was no tp in the can and now Ive got the worst case of wolf bite.
by Lord B. December 01, 2004
A variant of "shotgunning," a wolfbite is the coolest way to rapidly consume a beer. Instead of puncturing a hole in the side of a beer can and opening the top and chugging, the drinker bites a hole in the side of the can and chugs all the beer inside. Typically, the top of the can does not need to be popped. After the drinker has finished, the can is slammed to the ground and the drinker howls like a wolf.
Dude, Jim's wolfbite was sick! Only pussies shotgun beers!
by WMHC April 06, 2009
On a hot day when you walk around for a while and your scrotal region perspires and your sac grinds against your legs for an extended period of time it will form a minor rash/sore area.
This is called WolfBite
Billy had really bad wolfbite after pushing shopping carts all day.
by Billy June 17, 2006
When do friends are double teaming a girl and when one is about to cum he bites the other friends shoulder showing pure hetero-love.
"So i was holding her back and simon was fucking her and right before he came he bit my shoulder, you know a friend loves you when he gives you a wolf bite"
by wesleywolfcub December 17, 2007
The aftermath of a huge turd, which is minor to medium was home pain/burning sensation.
"that huge dump I took gave me an extreme wolf bite!"
by Tim bob jr August 13, 2015
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