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The shape formed when you have a threesome consisting of two guys and one girl. With the girl on her hands and knees with a guy at each end. One man is getting his penis sucked while the other penetrates from behind. While these acts are taking place the two men are high fiving each other because they can't believe that the chick agreed to this act. With every thrust the 'A' tends to wobble.
Chad and I took that 18 year old up to a room and gave her the wobbly A.
by The Showrunner October 16, 2003
A sexual position involving three girls. One girl is on hands and knees eating out a girl who is kneeling. The second girl will be holding the legs and eating out girl number three, who is hand standing and eating out girl one.
Lisa, Catherine, and Stacy were totally doing the wobbly a last night after a few drinks.
by Unbeweavable May 26, 2013
No No No No, I am sorry but you are both mistaken. A Wobbly A is created when 2 men hold up a girl who's belly is facing the ceiling so her back is parallel with the ground. The girl's legs are straddled around one man's hips and her arms are holdin on to the other's legs. While one man enters her vajeen, the other dip sticks into her mouth. So when both men are thrusting, the capital letter A is created, but it so happens to be wobbly as shit.
Adam: "dude, we Wobbly A'ed the fuck outa that chick last night"
Lou: "Wobbly A's all day!"


John: is that girl getting spit roasted, in an inverse Eiffel Tower?
Lou: yea its called a Wobbly A bro.
by Skerry Skervanster September 28, 2009
Clearly, you have this position all wrong. The only correct way to participate is by doing it with two girls and one guy inbetween. Though this may seem very awkward and impossible, it can be managed. The guy bends over backwards, resting on a chair, or, if talented enough, the girls might be able to hold him up (bringing them in closer to create an "A"). One girl strattles the guy, while he performs oral sex on the other. Thus, creating the "Wobbly A."
Kail and Sarah wobbly A-ed with him last night!!
by Bertha & Patsy February 16, 2004
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