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a real ale that is 6%abv
tastes awesome.
brewed by pheonix breweries. name originates from 2 stories...
1) named after a cat that hung around the factory that couldnt turn corners so fell over anytime it needed to turn.
2) named after a cat at the factory that had a leg missing and was thus a little wobbly on his/her feet.
"can you pull me another wobbly bob?"
"why do they only sell wobbly bob in that pub in lincolnshire?"
by the same haggis March 17, 2006
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collector of spoons: a man from the north east of england who collects decorative spoons and lives on his own. he also has to have a walking stick. wobbly bob sounds sad but will be a really good mate
wobbly bob, spoon collector: small silver spoons with origin name etched on the handle, without a use from various locations aroud the world, which are placed in display cabinets on your living room walls.
by steven bowmaker October 11, 2006

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