"Wake N' Bake Association" a.k.a. WNBA; an organization consisting of those who love to wake up, get high, and then do whatever it is they would have originally done sober; can be practiced anywhere in the world through an infinite number of methods.

Originated in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Requirements for Initiation: Anyone on Earth who enjoys waking up and getting stoned within that hour is an eligible member.
Alice: Damn dude, why are your eyes so red?
Bali: Oh, I joined the WNBA recently.

That kid that sits across the room from me in AP Psychology was trippin' mad nuts man, he's definitely in the WNBA.

Adell: Hey man I'm just gonna head over to Mickie D's real quick aight?
Chief: It's 8 in the morning...you're blazed every day man; you go to WNBA sessions every day! Well you woke me up, so now I'm feena join you. Get me a Big Mac, I'm gonna need it real soon.
by chief cache it October 17, 2010
"Women's National Basketball Association"

-A league created for the sole purpose of reenacting the game of basketball to make it look like it is played under water, therefore driving anyone watching it to the brink of insanity, thus driving up the popularity of the NBA.
Man #1: "Say man, I think our cable is messed up. Everything is in slow motion!"

Man #2: "Nah man, you're watching the WNBA, turn that shit off!"
by bradymahn July 07, 2012
Women's National Basketball Association.
It consist of 13 teams around the US. The teams are:
-Los Angeles Sparks
-Minnesota Lynx
-Phoenix Mercury
-Sacramento Monarchs
-San Antonio Silver Stars
-Seattle Storm
-Atlanta Dream
-Chicago Sky
-Connecticut Sun
-Detroit Shock
-Indiana Fever
-New York Liberty
-Washington Mystics

-Who will win this season's WNBA playoffs?

-I think the LA Sparks have a good chance.
by wnba-fan April 11, 2009
The WNBA stands for the Women's National Basketball Association. It was started in 1997 and currently features just 13 teams (Eastern Conference: Detroit Shock, Connecticut Sun, Washington Mystics, Indiana Fever, New York Liberty, Charlotte Sting, Western Conference: Los Angeles Sparks, Sacramento Monarchs, Minnesota Lynx, Phoenix Mercury, San Antonio Spurs, Seattle Storm, Houston Comets)
I think the Detroit Shock will be the WNBA champions of 2005
by Tweety Pie June 14, 2005
1. Women's National Basketball Association
2. A professional basketball league which premieres many of the best female basketball players in the world. It is run and owned by the NBA.
The WNBA sucks.

Most WNBA players look hideous!

I love it now that Diana Taurasi will be in the WNBA.
by ACL April 16, 2004
The 'Womens national basketball association'. Its filled with hard-working women that people think are gay, yet many of them arent.
The best team in the WNBA is the Detroit Shock.
by samaria October 30, 2004
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