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Anyone with a monotone voice saying getting pissed off and swearing with no emotion without warning.
Ivan Kovanda "I went to the movies and I was like fuck you"-without warning

Ivan Kovanda " will anyone at the party suck my dick"

Without warning- "Son of a bitch" "Motherfucker"

Ivan Kovanda "you took a shit on a fucking church"

Ivan Kovanda "Fuck you"

Ivan Kovanda "Noooo! I fucking hate you"

Ivan Kovanda "Dude your such a cunt"

Ivan Kovanda "Shut the fuck up, you little kid"

Ivan Kovanda "Oh my fucking god"

Ivan Kovanda "Fuck"

Ivan Kovanda "Ohhhh noooooo"

Ivan Kovanda "What"

Ivan Kovanda "Shit"

Ivan Kovanda "It really happened"

Ivan Kovanda "Dude, the other day I found my xbox in the garbage and I went to my dad like what the fuck, and he said he though it was trash and I was like, Fuck you."

Ivan Kovanda "Stop it. Stop. You're fucking it up."

Ivan Kovanda "What the fuck, your fucking everything up."

Ivan Kovanda "Stop fucking everything up"

Ivan Kovanda "You fucked it up"

Ivan Kovanda "I'm fucking sick of you guys fucking it up"

Ivan Kovanda "Fuck youuuu."
by gerbz, tyler June 17, 2008
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A 4-peice alternative/punk band from Oceanside Ca, heavily influenced by Unwritten Law and Blink 182.

They've played a bunch of local shows including the Carlsbad "battle of the Bands" as well as appearing at the So*Cal Rock revolution, and side stage at Soma. They can go by the abbreviation WxWx.

They are of the best local bands in Northern San Diego and THE BEST band from ECHS
Example 1
Freind - Hey wanna go to without warnings show tonight?
Me - F*** yeah dude, lets go

Example 2
girl 1 - OMGosshh whats your favorite WxWx song
girl 2 - Duhhh, California for sure

Example 3
Jerk - Dude, WxWx sux
everyone around him- STFU
by ffpyhairdude February 16, 2009
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