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verb: to wit wash, wit washed, wit washing.

Wit washing is the act of utterly destroying an opponent with a single weapon of wit. Usually occurs when an intelligent and modest person is provoked by an ignorant asshole.

Note: Not to be confused with unoriginal, snarky remarks. Shit like that will land you in the asshole category. Ex: That's What She Said, Your Mom etc.
Dumb Bitch: "Since when is 'vag' an insult?! If I said "she's such a scrotum!" it would probably hit you funny, so think about how it feels to people who posses the body parts that you are using in a derogatory way. Thanks!"

Brian: "Don't have to be a dick about it"

Impressed crowd concurs: Wit Washed
by queensupreme February 23, 2011