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1. A remark of profound love, in which one expresses their unconditional support for another;

2. Something that usually, only cool people have the guts to say to others, because it is an remark of unconditional support;

3. (Sometimes) A bittersweet comment made when a person has nothing left to say to someone else, because the other person has not returned affection;

4. A figure of speech that inspired songs by Adele, CeeLo Green, Per Gessle and Eminem, for better or worse...
Fred: "I wish you the best, Hulk, for all that you've done, all you've become, and all your potential."

Hulk: "Aaaw gee Fred, that's really swell - thanks brah!"

Neymar: ..."What about me?"


Peter Venkman: "I wish you the best Dana, you were really a great lover, but I see that you clearly prefer Slimer and his ghouls to my, let us say, human kinda love..."

Dana Barrett: "Uh? Fuck you too, asshole."
by annygallyfukyah June 24, 2014
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