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Wise-Ass is a way of life. It's a multi-faceted 'experience-brand' that currently focuses on unique, witty t-shirts and fashion apparel. it's complimented by exceptional events throughout the country and run by some of the coolest chicks you'll ever meet.

Are you a Wise-Ass? check out: www.wise-ass.com to find out.

Wise-ism #246: When traveling to a foreign country, don't celebrate your patriotism by rocking old school american flag t-shirts and ripped levis. Only a Wise-Ass would do that.
by Jillian M. Kelleher August 25, 2006
A person who demonstrates his or her pompous nature by spewing sarcastic comments that are uncalled for in any given situation.
Farmer Bob: Looks like rain.
Cousin Ed: You figured that out all by yourself, huh?
Farmer Bob: Shut up, wiseass.
by mikeysfbay July 06, 2006
one who needs to prove how much they know on a regular basis by commenting about how right they are regardless the topic of discussion
1. Lee Callender
2. Lee stop talking you wise ass
by SBDixson August 22, 2006