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1 - when a surfer falls off their surfboard into the sea

2 - when a skateboarder falls a over t off the board. its more than just falling, its spectacular. and painful...
1 - did you know only one of the beach boys could actually surf, despite one of their hits being about surfing?

2 - i wipeout off my board every damn time i ride it, and i have the injuries to prove it! i am getting better though.
by Lyddy Cool April 20, 2007
A TV show on ABC where Contestants compete on what is billed as "the world's largest obstacle course". Obstacles change from season to season, but the trademark obstacle, the "Big Balls", remains. Contestants must try to cross four large red balls without falling off. Though this task is practically impossible, a few contestants have successfully crossed them. Other elements often seen include the "Sucker Punch", the "Sweeper Arm", and the "Dreadmill".
-Dude! Did you watch Wipeout last night?!
-Yeah, I did! Did you see Ariel Tweto? She was the first person to ever make it all the way across the Big Balls!
by ConKibs July 31, 2011
to trip and fall while running. Usually this is caused by tripping over one's own feet, or tripping over an object on the ground, such as a tree branch.
1. Peggy was doing fine running the marathon until she wiped out at mile 14. Fortunately, she just got up and kept running.

2. I hope I don't wipe out in the 5k tomorrow.
by PeggyWipeOut August 10, 2009
A "blatent copycat" of television classic Takeshi's Castle, later re-dubbed into the monstrously successful and critically acclaimed world-wide hit television show, MXC.

It never lived up to it's potential and certainly was not done as well as the end result was a show that was worse than MXC, a show that was produced in 2003 and filmed in 1986. Even with the newer technology, it is still considered a flop and an inferior show to many viewers.
Person A: Is that MXC?
Person B: No.
Person A: Yeah, it doesn't look as good, although it's in Hi-def
Person B: It's "Wipeout"...
by 지나 화이팅 September 10, 2011
When you're surfing the web and you completely forget where you were going to go next.
I sat there staring at the entry bar, it was obvious I'd had a wipeout.
by Lord Sammy of the BBQ November 14, 2010
The fast, intense flickery vision caused by a high enough intake of ecstasy or MDMA (methelynedioxymethamphetamine)
'Yeah these pills are banging bruv, they're going to make you wipeout'

'Shit man I'm wiping out hard!'

by UncleT November 17, 2009
The result of smoking too much drugs
You wipeout!
by ? March 11, 2003