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1- noun; another way to define the meaning of a fail winner

2- Emma...who is a loser.

3- The part of the nipple where it is most sensitive.

4- To be in a state of being unable to control your hormones. Therefore, any actions that engage sexual innuendos would create multiple orgasms for the person.
1- Emma: "I am no longer a loser. I am. a. wionet."

Sean: "Fail."
2- "Hey, what do you think that wionet's name is"

"Probably Emma."
3- Sean touched his wionet.
4- Sean was really wionet that night which made it uncomfortable for underage users in the chatroom.
#retard #fail winner #emma #horny #nipple #nipples #hot #retarded #fail
by IFailToo January 08, 2010
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