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when ya bitch be growin out her pussy hair and shit
guy: yo bitch! ya pussy be hairy as shit son.!

ho: shut up fool! its cold up in this piece! i gots to sport dis winter bush to keep my jawn warm! damn always tryin to grill a motherfucker..
by iHAILfromTHEatlantaZoo February 02, 2011
When a woman regularly shaves her pubic hair in the Spring/Summer/Fall, but lets it grow back in the Winter, leaving a 5'o'clock twat shadow growing back. A prickly bush.
"My girl's got bad winterbush and is chaffing my scrote"
by Reverend Sin March 25, 2003
when a women let's her pubic hair grow out for the winter. extra warmth for a cold cock.
jane is growing in her winter bush, it must be getting cold out.
by timtoolie August 30, 2004