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A chicken wing. This word is almost always used in the plural form (wingies). It can be used at any time when one is craving some wings from the local chicken joint, especially late at night. Often used in a funny manner. Origin: The classic 1995 movie "Tommy Boy"
Tommy likey, Tommy want wingy.
by PacoSKM October 07, 2006
Someone who is light on the feet with super human strength. A baddass. A person with super intellect and extremely sophisticated.
Tom: OMG! Look at Wingy he is just a badass. I wish I could be like him.

Boomer: I know.

by Bat-Wing March 20, 2009
A joint rolled so badly that it looks like an airplane because the middle sticks out so much.
"Dude, this joint isn't smoking for shizzle, it's a complete wingy"
by EZZE-B January 02, 2010
To create a WW shape with the hands
I was in a club a pulled a Wingy
by CabbageFace September 04, 2009
A chicken wing that looks more like a thanksgiving turkey that fits convienently between the hillaphants nubblets for maximum growth.
OVAL1STROMBOLY: "how about some num nums?"
When a guy has a boner....and it doesn't stick sticks up! like it is flying...has wings...
My boyfriend took his pants off.....he was so horny...he has a huge wingy!
by molliness July 28, 2003
son of a bitch, wont insult anyone to their face, although does it all the time behind there back, needs to wash dandruffy hair, wears cheap shirts from the market that cost a fiver
your a right queer wingy!
by Cabbage November 10, 2004
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