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a technician in the wind industry. a wind tech is a special breed of person, one that is at times very unpredictable. because of the eminent danger they face everyday, wind tech fear very little and therefore tend to get a little "crazy". wind tech's work long hours and have very little time on the ground making them form somewhat of a pack amongst themselves. it is often said that one will not think twice about putting themselves in the way of serious harm for another. in a windmill tech's personal life they are usually very heavy drinkers. these men are also mentally unstable from a lack of personal contact with persons other than their mentally unstable co-workers, this often results in poor relationship performance, which in turn also leads to MORE heavy drinking. no one is exactly sure where these individuals come from but we now know that as long as there is alcohol to be drank, woman to seduce and crazy thing to do... this always interesting species will survive. they will continue to live high above our head where they belong. for once a man become a tech, he is changed.
wind techs are crazy
by stir_crazy April 23, 2011
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