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contraction of will not, different version of won't because there is not an o in will
I win't be going to the party with you, noone like you there!
by Atakith September 25, 2006

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1. A word used when describing a guy who kicks guys in the nuts.

2. To kick another guy in the nuts.

Similar words are: Pussie, bitch, priss...
1. Holy sht, John is such a fucking Wint...

2. "Oh my fucking god, he was Winted so fucking bad..."

"Damn straight..."
by Moods September 26, 2004
Ultimate mintiness
Some gums have no flavour compared to the wintiness of this gum.

This gum has wint!

Someone has to wint this gum.
by Montymio January 09, 2010