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contraction of will not, different version of won't because there is not an o in will
I win't be going to the party with you, noone like you there!
by Atakith September 25, 2006
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1. A word used when describing a guy who kicks guys in the nuts.

2. To kick another guy in the nuts.

Similar words are: Pussie, bitch, priss...
1. Holy sht, John is such a fucking Wint...

2. "Oh my fucking god, he was Winted so fucking bad..."

"Damn straight..."
by Moods September 26, 2004
9 5
Ultimate mintiness
Some gums have no flavour compared to the wintiness of this gum.

This gum has wint!

Someone has to wint this gum.
by Montymio January 09, 2010
4 5